Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eco-Friendly Village in Bali Island

English architect William Tony G has developed a green village in Bali, Indonesia that aims to be a durable and sustainable structure. Called "Blue Lagoon", the village establish a symbiotic relationship between its inhabitants and nature.

Built of natural building materials such as bamboo and excavated stones,the houses use a passive climate control instead of other higher energy consumption options. Them have also a natural ventilation, thus saving energy.

To reduce energy waste, the village uses very efficient LEDs, solar panels and stove powered by natural gases. The village has also its own system of collecting rainwater.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Eco-Friendly Artificial Plant Pot Concept Harnesses Kinetic Energy

Aydan Design has recently designed a new eco-friendly artificial plant pot concept that is able to harness kinetic energy whenever its artificial leaves are moved by the wind or by hand. Dubbed Touchpot, the concept device features leaves that can be moved and rotated in any direction.

These leaves respond to human touch by harnessing the tiny amount of electricity that will be produced during the process. Besides this, it has an onboard battery that can be recharged by capturing the wind energy, when the plant is placed outside the window. The electricity stored can be used to power other rechargeable batteries.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eco-Friendly House Powered by Solar and Hydroelectricity

Dubbed Iseami House, this sustainable house has been built by Robles Arquitectos. It is located in an isolated region of Peninsula de Osa in Costa Rica, which is self-sufficient in terms of energy and water.

Equipped with a eco-friendly technology, the house has no problems with humidity because it sits one meter above the surface. To reduce the load on its energy generators, Iseami House incorporates several energy-saving systems.

This eco house uses two low-impact hydroelectric turbines that produce 800KWh of energy. On the roof it has a solar array that provides about 10,800KWh of clean electricity.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ventus Portable Wind Turbine Generates up to 400W of Clean Electricity

Designer Sergej Kuckir has created a new folding and portable wind power station called Ventus, that can be carried along during a scientific expedition in the wilds or during a camp.

Based on the “Savonius” type of wind turbines, the entire system is composed of a turbine mast, batteries and vertical axis wind turbine. The Li-Ion batteries have the possibility to be packed and folded in just a 10cm tube.

On the mountains is plenty of wind energy and is much more practical to produce renewable energy using a wind turbine than producing solar energy. According to Sergej, the 4kg wind power station is capable to produce more than 400W of clean electricity,which is then stored in its on-board batteries.
[Source: Sergej Kuckir]
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Adrian Carrera's New Zero-Emission Racing Motorcycle Concept

Auto designer Adrian Carrera recently created a new concept for a zero-emission racing motorcycle. Dubbed Carrera Raptor RS, the motorcycle is propelled by electric motors located inside each wheel.

Every visible rims in both the wheels holds an internal rim and has a static shape, which rotates along with the brake disk and the tire. Due to a gyroscope rotation system, the front tire can also rotate in its own axis.

Compared to other conventional motorcycles, where the front tire move with the movement of the handlebar, at Carrera Raptor RS the front tire can be controlled electronically. The bike has a very good stability at high speed, because it has an inverted wing shape.

[Source: Adrian Carrera]
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aard Generator Combines Wind and Solar Energy

Industrial designer Arttu-Matti Immonen comes up with a new concept that combines both wind and solar energy in a single package.

The new generator, called Aard, has a round shape which carries flexible photovoltaic modules on the surface, having the possibility to harvest renewable energy during daytime. When outside are strong winds, the ball starts to rotate and generates electricity through the onboard dynamos.
To have a beautiful look, Aard is made from an aluminum construction (to convert low-speed winds into renewable energy) combined with basic blue color.

[Source: Tuvie]
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A New Green Concept Car to Change the Face of Vehicles Forever

Auto designer Vitaly Kononov has come up with a unique design that could change the face of vehicles forever. The new concept, called Rolling Stone is powered by electric motors which are fueled by rechargeable batteries onboard the vehicle, featuring two big wheels.

The car will be equipped with LED screens that according to Kononov, can be used to to show anything from your favorite video to your own images. To have a better stability, the car will have also two additional small wheels located at the base.

Unlike other conventional electric or hybrid cars that have a steering wheel, the Rolling Stone concept car is controlled by a joystick and has space for just one occupant.

[Source: Ecofriend]
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