Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ventus Portable Wind Turbine Generates up to 400W of Clean Electricity

Designer Sergej Kuckir has created a new folding and portable wind power station called Ventus, that can be carried along during a scientific expedition in the wilds or during a camp.

Based on the “Savonius” type of wind turbines, the entire system is composed of a turbine mast, batteries and vertical axis wind turbine. The Li-Ion batteries have the possibility to be packed and folded in just a 10cm tube.

On the mountains is plenty of wind energy and is much more practical to produce renewable energy using a wind turbine than producing solar energy. According to Sergej, the 4kg wind power station is capable to produce more than 400W of clean electricity,which is then stored in its on-board batteries.
[Source: Sergej Kuckir]

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